50 Wild Sex Positions: #4 – Banana Split

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The woman lies face down on the bed, resting on her elbows. Once her lover slips inside, she slides her legs out very wide, so that they are almost perpendicular to her torso. He can remain higher up, supporting himself with extended arms, or drop down onto his elbows for extra contract. (If he lowers down, he needs to make sure the weight is comfortable for her. It’s hard to get excited when you’re being crushed!) For an added jolt, she can loosen and tighten his PC muscles to alternative sensations for him.


What’s in it for Her: Extra-deep penetration and the feeling of friction on your pubic bone will send a spine-tingling jolk throughout your body, as both your G-spot and clitoris receive attention. Suggest a sexy mutual massage with oil before maneuvering into this position to add a sweet, slippery sensation.

What’s in it for Him: In this position, you will get to go deep, deep, deep while getting an amazing view of her backside. If she feels comfortable with you exploring her nether regions, you can get an added thrill out of teasing and fondling her anus.

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