50 Wild Sex Positions: #1 – Lock and Load

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From the missionary position, she pulls her legs in toward her chest, extending them so that her ankles hook on his shoulders. He uses his hands to support both of their weight. Being extra flexible will allow both of you to enjoy the deep penetration and intense intimacy of this variation on your favorite standby. This position is great for a man with a shorter penis; however, if he is well endowed, thrusting can be painful for her, so be sure to communicate so you’re both plunging to a pleasing depth.


What’s in it for Her: When you draw your knees to your chest, it shortens and tightens the vagina, so even shallow thrusts will make you tingle all over. Make sure to engage in ample foreplay, because your man won’t be able to hold out for long! Try grabbing his hind-quarters to pull him deeper into you.

What’s in it for Him: This position is all about deep penetration and when your woman thinks you can’t get any deeper, you lean forward and WOW! Your balls will rest against her ass, pleasantly stimulating an often ignored area. Placing pillows beneath her bottom can also heighten your pleasure.

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